the moonlight cinema caravan
a revival of travelling cinema and rental screening service based in Corfu Greece

What can we do for you?

Our experienced and accompanying staff can blend together all the elements and technicalities according to the venue, space, and its surroundings, to deliver a smooth-run outdoor screening for the best possible viewing experience.

our services


Cinema for hotels

Deliver a memorable cinematic experience to your guests, under a summer mediterranean moonlight.


Cinema for Villas

Α complete stylish outdoor cinema in your backyard or rental holiday villa. A truly unique cinematic experience.


Cinema for kids

We are always surprised by the magic between kids and big cinema screens. We bring this magic to your backyard.


Cinema for cultural centers

Collaboration with educational, cultural and other associations is one of our primary goals.


Ideas and Special Screenings

Whether it’s a festιval, school, wedding, party or any other celebrating occasion, bring a magic touch to your event or venue.


About us

the Moonlight Cinema Caravan

is based in Corfu island, Greece.

The idea for the Moonlight Cinema Caravan came up after members of the OSCS Organization viewed Nikos Theodosiou 2008 documentary “Mr Leonard and the others”. A tribute film to old travelling cinema, with forgotten touching stories. The stories of unknown projectionists who struggled to make a living, and since the birth of cinema and for many decades, made a significant cultural contribution by travelling to unknown corners and villages of Greece. Travelling and spreading the art of motion picture.



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